If you’re renovating to sell you must first put yourself into the mind of your prospective buyer. To do this well you will need to observe your home at arm’s length, detaching yourself from all personal emotions related to the property.

You’ll definitely need to get an appreciation of your target market. For example, what is the typical size of properties that sell well in your suburb including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces? Then there are specific property features that add value – so include these if your your budget allows. If you’re uncertain, contact a trusted real estate agent to get some help.

An amazing kitchen will be high on most people’s list. As the heart of the home, it’s an area where an extraordinary amount of time is spent. So a stylish, spacious, functional kitchen will always be a winner!

Great bathrooms (inc an ensuite if possible) are very likely to be next on your buyer’s list. Upgraded bathrooms don’t come cheaply, but if you plan and choose wisely, they will contribute significantly to the added value of the property.

The flow of the home is very important too. This renovation could be a chance to improve that flow. So, make sure you carefully consider movement around the home and how various rooms will transition from one to the other. For example –-

  • The “flow” starts at the entrance, so you should begin here by imagining the sight-lines and movement throughout the house from the front door
  • Can you create easy indoor/outdoor transition?
  • Perhaps a stylish and functional alfresco area as a seamless addition to the interior kitchen/living area?
  • Is there an opportunity to introduce a spacious ensuite to a master bedroom?
  • Maybe a second living area as a parent’s (or kids’) retreat?
  • Can the garage be designed to allow easy internal access?

Are there certain existing qualities and characteristics of the home that you can enhance? For example –

  • An amazing view
  • An existing swimming pool
  • A spacious garden
  • A cosy courtyard garden
  • Existing character features

Plus, now is a great time to consider improving the ventilation of the home, perhaps by updating windows, adding some louvres and/or large bifold or sliding doors? The natural movement of fresh air is of great benefit to the home and its occupants.

And of course, you must not forget the budget. Be certain that the budgeted spend will add value. Don’t get caught up in the seduction of the renovation (yes it can be seductive for some!). From the outset, ensure your budget is as realistic and as accurate as possible. Allow a buffer of (say) 10% and stick with it. At all costs avoid a major blowout – this could leave you with an unfinished home or unwanted debt. Don’t over capitalise, regard this as a business – you’re in it to make money.