These days styling guidelines and ideas are at our fingertips 24/7. But why all the fuss?

It comes down to a couple of key things –

  • How you wish to enjoy your home OR
  • How you entice prospective purchasers to want to buy your home (if you’re selling)

In the first instance it is about your day to day living preferences. These run the gamut of unpretentious to flamboyant. But whatever you favour, styling is really like making a piece of art – you start by playing with an idea, the pieces and the various configurations to work out what really works for you.

You may not know what your “style” is until you experiment a bit. It can be great fun! Start with small things like a coffee table or a bathroom vanity – some will work, others won’t – but keep trying until you’re comfortable that you’ve nailed your style. Then slowly graduate yourself to larger projects. The beauty in this is that it is YOUR story, so it should make YOU happy and relaxed in your home. But always remember that while your fundamental style preferences may not change over the years, as fashions change, the nuances within that most likely will. So, don’t be afraid to keep exploring.

If you’re selling your home, styling needs to have universal appeal, enticing buyers to get a good sense of how they would live in your home. Typically, this is handled by professionals who, by and large, add value. But that is not to say that you can’t do it yourself, but to do this effectively, you MUST view your home through the eyes of your potential buyer. If you believe you can do that then you should definitely have a go.

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Ros 🙂